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Voter Guide is out

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Yesterday, I got my voter guide in the mail.  I first looked at the political party statements.  The one for the Green Party was started at a state meeting last fall after reviewing ones from previous years.  The Coordinating Committee took input and then worked with it at their January retreat, online, and then submitted it to the Secretary of State.  Ours looked pretty good.  Then I looked at the one for the Democratic Party.  If only….  No wonder people continue to vote for them.  If they actually practiced what they preach.  Then I reviewed the candidate statements, and knew that our candidates have shorter statements because you have to pay to play and they charge you by the word, and it isn’t cheap.  I noticed that some of our candidates have little competition, particularly Laura Wells for Controller (vs one Dem and on Rep) and Ellen Brown for Treasurer (vs on Democrat.)  We may just have the chance of being on the November ballot with these two courageous women.  I am sure they could use your financial contribution if you have not yet done so. It is possible that there are more candidates that will be on the ballot who do not have candidate statements here.

Make sure you vote in June.

Sanda Everette


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