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Summer solstice to fall equinox

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Returning after the summer solstice

Mark Roest and Sanda Everette were delegates from the Green Party of San Mateo at the GPCA Meeting in Santa Barbara this past weekend.  They reported that it was a very interesting and effective meeting.  Things went very smoothly and despite a need for several agenda changes, it passed quickly.  After a detailed overview by Tim Laidman, the budget was passed by consensus. We had great talks from Ellen Brown and Luis Rodriguez who share extensively about their campaigns and discussed how they worked with the state party.  David Curtis had a family emergency and was not able to join us in Santa Barbara, but called in by Skype and gave a very interesting campaign summary and suggestions for improving Green campaigns.

Ellen Brown and Luis Rodriguez


It is very strange that we will not have any statewide candidates on the November ballots but we anticipate several good local races.  After they are officially candidates, those races will be posted on a state web page. On Saturday night we pulled all the couches and chairs into a circle and had a great session with Ellen and Luis and all the delegates sharing about campaigning and about growing the party.  Almost every delegate was staying at the dorms at the university and it definitely added to the feeling of being together.  People really enjoyed the venue at UCSB.  It was quite beautiful and many enjoyed walks or bike rides before or after the meetings by the lagoon or the ocean.

On Sunday, the platform planks were defeated because there was a general sense of the body that we should not put bandaids on the platform, but rather take on a total revision and update.  We want to focus on basic themes and keep detailed time sensitive issues for media release and campaigns.  People were encouraged to join state committees and there were several new committee chairs approved.

The Coordinating Committee announced to the body that they were seeking counties to host the winter meeting and the budget meeting for next spring.  The CC has had responsibility for the last several meetings and said that they were not willing to do it again without a host committee.  Delegates from both Monterey and San Francisco said they would bring the request back to their counties.

GA delegates in SB

Summer Vacation

The County Council continued with a discussion of the upcoming SGA votes.  Then in a consensus decision, the County Council decided it would be good to take a break from “Green Talks” during the summer.  We will be meeting informally and exploring additional ways to publicize our events and to reach local Greens. We are planning a special event right after the fall equinox, on the fourth Tuesday in September,  the 24th.  Check back for further details.  If you have any questions about the party during the summer, feel free to contact members of the County Council.  If you are one of those rare individuals who actually enjoy administrative meetings, consider joining us on the County Council.  The only real requirement is to be a registered Green in our county.


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