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Mid Summer-returning from Green Party Annual National Meeting

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San Mateo Green Party County Council Member Sanda Everette just returned from the Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting.  During the first evening of the meeting, there was a 30th anniversary celebration with some great talks by early Greens, including GPCA Coordinating Committee member, Mike Feinstein.  Portions of the ANM were Livestreamed on the GPUS channel by Sanda and others.

greenpartyus on

including that 30th anniversary celebration.  More about our history and what is happening currently can be found in the current issue of Green Pages.  There is a downloadable pdf version of the paper as well as directions to order bundles of papers.






Note….in case you didn’t notice it last month,  there will not be a GPSMC public meeting until September on our usual 4th Tuesday.  Keep an eye on this webpage to see whether the meeting will be at the bookstore or the ecovillage.


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