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As summer come to a close

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As we said in the June post, our first meeting of the fall will be on September 23 at 6:00at San Mateo Ecovillage, 3329 Los Prados St. #2, San Mateo.…near Hillsdale and Norfolk. Rather than our usual format of an administrative meeting and then a “Green Talk” we will first enjoy the garden and socializing with each other, eating some snacks, and then brainstorm about growing our party as well as learning about what is happening with Greens around the state, around the country, and around the world.

Sanda Everette will have just returned from NYC where she was part of the support team for the Climate Convergence Conference, particularly assisting with video and Livestreaming and join them in marching in the People’s Climate Rally.  Other San Mateo Greens will be attending the People’s Climate Rally in Oakland.  I am sure folks will have lots to share.




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