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Meeting San Mateo Greens

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Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 24. We will begin with an opportunity to wander the gardens of the San Mateo Ecovillage from 6:30 to 7:30  while meeting with other Greens in our county. We will have a presentation beginning at 7:30 hearing from two Green Party of San Mateo County candidates for city council seats, one of whom won and is currently a sitting city council member and one of whom didn’t, John Keener of Pacifica and Gladwyn D’Souza of Belmont.  We will look at how their campaigns were the same and how they were different. They will share about their campaigns and their analysis of what worked and what didn’t.   We will have some snacks/finger foods….feel free to bring more, vegetarian only please. For more information call 650-593-7032 or write;

If you are curious, at San Mateo Ecovillage, you will be able to not only see organic gardens and fruit trees, but also chickens, bees, and three kinds of fish in an aquaponics system.  Onsite parking is for tenants only and parking on the street is somewhat limited….certainly not like San Francisco, so if you can carpool, that would be great.

Note: next month, on the 4th Tuesday, we hope to move our meet, greet, and discuss to somewhere on the San Mateo coast between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica.  We are still looking for a venue.


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