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Our March meeting

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John Keener enjoyed a tour of the San Mateo Ecovillage and shared that it was an unusually relaxing experience for him.  He certainly seemed to enjoy the tour.


A group of interested San Mateo County Greens enjoyed John Keener’s excellent presentation about his experiences as a candidate running for Pacifica City Council followed by some of what has been happening for him since he was elected to that council.  He is going to get us a hard copy of his speech so we can share it with other candidates locally and nationally. We also talked about experiences of other candidates and the possibilities for running more Greens locally.


The conversation continued with the possibility of having a meeting on the coast in the future.    IMG_5306

Near the conclusion of the meeting, there was a brief conversation about the next GPCA General Assembly in San Jose in June which will be held in conjunction with the US Social Forum.  Both are still in the planning stages so their websites will be updated in the future. The Green Party of California will be presenting additional workshops and panel presentations at the forum on the two days proceeding the General Assembly.  The Green Party of San Mateo voted to co-sponsor those workshops.


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